Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian leaving The Darby in New York (10/21)

Poor Kris Humphries is barely making ends meet. I hope he doesn't end up on the streets next week sucking some banker's dick for rent money. From Life & Style:
"Kris wants out of filming," an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. "They've had no time without a camera. He knows he signed up for this, but I think it's weighed on him."

And it's not like being on the show is good for business. "Kris makes only about $20,000 per episode," the pal says. "He wants more to make it worthwhile!"
Oh no, I feel so sorry for Kris. He ONLY makes $20,000 an episode. How can he possibly get by on such a paltry salary? You know what, screw that asshole. Does Kris even realize how many masturbation and herpes jokes I have to write to make $20K? Hundreds. What does he have to do to earn that kind of money? Just show up and do nothing. So basically, Kris is a lot like my girlfriend during sex.

*5 Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Bonitalaura

    Kris could always sell the sexvideo lol that would make him some big bucks but hey $20000 isnt bad.

  • Bonitalaura

    Kris should pose for playgirl!

  • Juanbldrs

    Ray J really does give a golden shower.

  • Westy

    Id put a log on her greedy face!

  • Gdrive

    I'd pee on her for $20,000 per episode! Sign me up
    (pee only. I don't want to screw her)

  • yeah, kris. i know how your feel about it, but so does she. she love that you care so deeply.

  • Robstrats

    1984 called, they want their jacket back

  • Hawk

    Hope he saved his B-ball money.

  • Unruly

    ONLY $20,000?!

    Fuck him and his moronic, fame-obsessed "wife". Biggest bores on the entire fucking planet. And FUCK E! CHANNEL for sucking their dicks like they're some kind of fucking royalty.

  • KK-Hater

    Oh you poor sorry SOB, cry me a fucking river you jackass! There are people, with families living on $20,000/year you useless fucking ass-wipe. Get over it or STFU you worthless piece of shit. Oh yeah, did you realize your wife is a SLUT and also a useless POS? Just wondering jackass.

  • anonymous

    exactly how hard it is to have a camera follow herpa derp humphries while he pockets $20K per episode?

    it's not like he has to practice for his non-existent NBA team because his dumb ass is a free agent during a strike year.

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