Kim Kardashian in her new Ferrari 458 Italia

Actually, it's sort of an insult to call a Ferrari 458 Italia a "car" -- it's more a piece of art . . . a piece of art that helps you get MAD pussy. From the Daily Mail:
Yesterday Kim Kardashian picked up yet another luxury car, this time a Ferrari 458 Italia. The reality TV star added extra glamour with peep-toe heels and bright red lips as she arrived to pick up her latest toy.

The model, which Kim had chosen to purchase in white, retails from $273,9170 but it is likely Kim’s with added extras cost well over $300,000. And the reality star certainly seemed pleased with her new car as she sped away from the Platinum Motorsport site in Los Angeles.
The 458 Italia may cost the general public almost $300K, but there's no way Kim paid that much for it. By letting the paparazzi know beforehand where she was going to pick up her new car, she probably worked out some "free press" discount with the dealer. Hell, considering how much she likes to milk sponsors for money, she probably drove the car off the lot with its own unique color -- advertising decals.

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