Kevin Federline is getting fat again

PICTURED: Kevin Federline leaving a grocery store in L.A. on Sunday. An avid follower of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, management kicked the former backup dancer out of the store after he tried to start an "Occupy the Snack Food Aisle" sympathy protest.

Don't give up K-Fed!

*10 K-Fed pictures total in the gallery:

  • KFed Blue Shirt 1
  • KFed Blue Shirt 2
  • KFed Blue Shirt 3
  • KFed Blue Shirt 4
  • KFed Blue Shirt 5
  • KFed Blue Shirt 6
  • KFed Blue Shirt 7
  • KFed Blue Shirt 8
  • KFed Blue Shirt 9
  • KFed Blue Shirt 10
[Pacific Coast News]
  • strang

    He's looking more like K-OverFed these days.

  • Anonymous

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    7- Once you've ruined trailer park trash slut career and sanity, divorce her. Take all the money you can. (try to use trailer park trash slut's insanity to your advantage by requesting child custody and therefore alimony)

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    9- Await for karma to fuck you up real good

  • bags
  • *_* hhaaannndddsssooommmeee *_

    He just want to eat alot and be friend many womens bad father.

  • Anonymous

    He just want to eat alot and be friend many womens bad father.

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