Kelly Rowland is not wearing a bra

Kelly Rowland is currently a judge on the UK version of The X Factor (the original), and yesterday she left the studio wearing that. On Saturday, she wore this. A few weeks ago, she wore this. And a few weeks before that, she wore this. Does she have an erection clause in her contract? Because if she does, she's gonna make, like, a kajillion dollars this year. Finally, she'll be able to afford Netflix.

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*17 Kelly Rowland pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 2
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 3
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 4
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 5
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 6
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 7
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 8
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 9
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 10
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 11
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 12
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 13
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 14
  • Kelly Rowland Sheer 15

  • ..{Attractive man}..

    Kelly Rowland go back

  • anonymous

    luv it when these dumb celebrities go braless because they think wearing black is a safety net.

  • Wonk

    It is a well know fact that the English water supply is contaminated with female hormones. That is why so many English girls have large breasts and are nymphos. While English men have tiny penis and gonads and don't much like sex. England is different that way.

  • hugh

    wonk is a wanker, mate!!!

  • Phillipe

    French men are not affected like the English. The French still have enormous penis' and balls of steel. They are like stallions. That is why when the English girls want good long sex, they come to France where men are still men.

  • Kärl Hüngüs

    LÖL, yöu fücking frög eäting cöwärds did get beät in six weeks, döuble-cröss the British, sürrender tö the Näzis, änd threäten the Ämericans äfter the wär wäs över.

  • Phillipe

    French men are famous lovers and sexual artists. We are too busy pleasing women, and can leave the fighting to cave man types.

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    She Happy now look her teeth big smile but why put star yallow in her boobs. And #1 comment sooo crazy person where milk i don't see any milk just i see her body with smile.

  • drunken pig

    I love milk duds

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