Kelly Clarkson loves being famous

Kelly Clarkson loves being famous for the exact reason you'd think: calories. Or rather, the ease of access to them. From Contact Music:
Kelly Clarkson loves using her celebrity status to get tables in restaurants. The 'Breakaway' hitmaker insists she would feel like a "tool" if she called a venue to make a booking for herself but is happy to have her assistant arrange things for her.

She said: "I do love it when you call a restaurant and they're booked, then you have an assistant call, dropping your name, and somehow a table is found. I've never dropped it myself though, I'd feel like a tool!"
What a surprise -- the biggest perk Kelly Clarkson associates with her celebrity status involves eating. Not money. Not fame. Not tons of dudes willing to bang a disgusting hosebeast just so they can say they were with someone famous. But food. Look Kelly, if all you ever wanted was to eat, you didn't need to become a world famous singer. You could have just moved to Wisconsin.

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