Kate Winslet = Awesome

You wouldn't think it by looking at her, but Snooki's idol in life is Kate Winslet (i.e. the anti-Snooki). In fact, she likes her so much that she had her people contact Kate's people . . . yada yada yada . . . cue Kate Winslet's awesomeness. From the National Enquirer:
"Snooki idolizes Kate -- Titanic is her favorite movie of all time," revealed a friend. "When Snookie lost 30 pounds earlier this year, she said Kate was her inspiration, since Kate herself lost weight but kept a curvy figure."

The 23-year-old reality show star has marketed her image and done very well for herself with paid promotional appearances, but sources confide that her real dream is to become an actress. "Snooki would love to buddy up with Kate to get help with the process," said her friend.

The pint-size spitfire even had her agents contact the 36-year-old star's management in an effort to arrange a meeting but the request fell on deaf ears. "Kate was told, but she just stared blankly and said, 'What's a Snooki?'" a source told the Enquirer. (Print Edition)
The only way someone can become a famous actress in Hollywood these days is with a lot of hard work, dedication to the craft, and the ability to find a producer willing to sleep with them. Unfortunately for Snooki, producers probably don't want to sleep with a chick like her. If they did, they'd just go to the pumpkin patch and bang the gourds there. At least that way, they'd know that the disgusting bumps they noticed on their dicks the next morning were just pumpkin seeds.


*6 Kate Winslet pictures total in the gallery:

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  • The ish

    Snooki is a grimmy, disgusting, hoe that shouldn't even be popular. She is fat, not hot and can't conduct herself as a lady. That Gionni dude is way to hott for her. He has class and is goodlooking, she isn't, shes gross.

  • *_* hhhaaannndddsssooommmeeeee

    Yes yes commplet open open your dress

  • WTF

    About time someone put that diseased orange little pig in her place.

  • Emma

    @Melrose You have no idea what the phrase 'has been' means. Winslet isn't a has been. Winslet is a very successful actress with a consistent career. Has-beens are actors/actresses who were once popular but haven't been relevant in decades.

  • Attractive man

    She s cry need someone help her

  • Melrose

    You can't expect an aging has been to know who the sexiest young star in America is. Snooki's wave is still building. Kate's wave doesn't even make a ripple anymore. Snooki is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Paul / Melrose / Buffy, you're my bestest trolling hero forever.

  • Gianna

    The only wave she's building is the one that that happens when she jumps into a body of water.

  • haha

    Nice try Snooki.

    BTW: Welcome to Celebslam, you will not like here much because everyone here hates you, oh and most of the world hates you too.

  • Jonathan

    Are you high? I wish Snooki and all those Jersey Shore scum would die. She is an ugly turd.

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