Kat Dennings is photogenic

Kat Dennings stars in the new CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls, and she's also featured in the November issue of GQ. She looks like she'd be really bad at sprinting.

*5 Kat Dennings pictures total in the gallery:

  • Kat Dennings GQ Pics 1
  • Kat Dennings GQ Pics 2
  • Kat Dennings GQ Pics 3
  • Kat Dennings GQ Pics 4
  • Kat Dennings GQ Pics 5
  • Rainingcrow86

    my dream girl is real.

  • bzero3

    Want her as long as she doesn't talk.

  • Omnomnom

    "Retarded Anorexic Blond Whore & Big Titted Abusive Antisocial Cunt" is a horrible show. That said, I would like to titty fuck this bitch

  • Annon

    I've never found her to be very attractive, but her tits sure are.

  • Hawk

    1 Terrible Show.

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