Jonah Hill leaving Scott's restaurant in London (8/14)

No matter how fat Jonah Hill got (and he was HUGE), his girlfriend Jordan Klein stood by his side. So, thanks for that. Here's a parting gift. From Life & Style:
Jonah Hill recently shed 40 pounds, and now he's lost...his girlfriend. Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the 27-year-old funnyman has ended his long-term relationship with Jordan Klein.

"They decided to break up, although everyone thought these two would be heading toward marriage," an insider reveals to Life & Style.

The pair, who met while attending high school at Crossroads in Santa Monica, have dated since 2008. Just this past July, they were spotted in a hot-and-heavy PDA session in LA.
I hate to be a dick to this Jordan chick, but it makes complete sense that Jonah dumped her ass. Seriously, why would you want to date a chick who used to like fat guys? Ew. Have some self-respect, woman.

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