Jennifer Love Hewitt at the premiere of Like Crazy at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood (10/25)

Jennifer Love Hewitt must have read my post yesterday afternoon about needing to put a little more thought into her appearance, because she looked pretty damn good last night at the premiere of Like Crazy in Hollywood. "Oh yeah, I have tits!"

*15 Jennifer Love Hewitt pictures total in the gallery:

  • JLH Cleavage Dress 1
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 2
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 3
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 4
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 5
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 6
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 7
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 8
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 9
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 10
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 11
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 12
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 13
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 14
  • JLH Cleavage Dress 15
[WENN, Flynet]
  • Bacchus

    Big tits. I've always been in love with her tits. She used to have a hot ass, too, but then again, most 21 year old girls have. I could say a quote from Deliverance regarding her mouth, too (she kinda has a Linda Lovelace look in that pic)

    Sadly, she never showed her big tits on their prime, and now they're real saggy. I mean, she already had that problem in The Tuxedo 10 years ago, but now it's really noticeable. Oh well. Big saggy tits may not look that good, but they feel great when you titty-fuck a girl.

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    Hilary duff 3

  • Nick Manning

    JLH has some of the best tits in Hollywood. I know I'm not the only one who wants to shoot my load all over them.

  • Possum

    She has a really comfortable look about her, and I don't think she is real high maintenance. There is a lot to recommend this lady.

  • master yoda

    What the hell are you guys talking about? I'd slam that like an old screen door.

  • robstrats

    if you cross your legs nobody can tell that you have thunderthights. oh wait, i can tell.

  • robstrats

    got a fat butt? buy a kardashian dress. works for her. glad she got dressed yesterday.

  • Hawk

    Still a hottie.

    Dump the d-bag in the hat Jen and we'll talk.

  • doovde

    horse face

  • doovde

    horse face

  • Falcon

    JLH has got to be one of the most beautiful women in America. That is, one of the most beautiful that does not look like a slut or whore.

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