A dream scenario for Jake Gyllenhaal

I have a feeling Jake Gyllenhaal has had many a dream about this exact scenario . . . from the New York Post:
Jake Gyllenhaal had hoped for a nice, relaxing steam when he turned up at the 10th Street baths last week -- but arrived to find the place packed with power players in robes. Organizers of Elit by Stoli’s male-only gathering had taken over the place, with white towel-wearing guests including Nobu’s Richie Notar, venture capitalist Adam Dell, Niche Media founder Jason Binn, David Rabin and Lance Broumand. We’re told they, ahem, “let it all hang out.”
Oh no, Jake must have been disgusted to be surrounded by those nude men . . . especially since he usually doesn't take his clothes off at home unless there's at least double that many. No, what really must have upset Jake was the setting. How's a guy supposed to get a good look at another guy's junk with all of that steam blurring his vision? If Jake barely wanted to see all the naked men he was surrounded by because his vision was hazy, he'd switch places with Lindsay Lohan.

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