I spy . . . a penis

When did Brazil turn into 1890's Utah? Seriously, get the stick out of your ass Brazil. I thought you were cool. From Breitbart:
Brazil's Ministry for Women called Wednesday for the suspension of a television ad featuring lingerie-clad supermodel Gisele Bundchen, saying it reinforces the stereotype of women as sex objects.

In the ads for the Brazilian intimate wear brand "Hope," Bundchen is clad in panties, a bra and high heels, in an effort to distract her husband when she delivers bad news -- about damaging the car, exceeding her credit limit, and her mother coming to live with them.

The TV ads send a message "that sensuality can melt any man" and "encourages Brazilian women to use their charms... to minimize the reactions of their husbands," the ministry said.
What the hell is wrong with Brazil's government? The only thing of value that that shithole country produces are hot women -- why try to curb that? That would be like telling Saudi Arabia to stop producing oil or Japan to stop making anime porn. No, if anything, Brazil should be encouraging its models to wear LESS clothing . . . you know, to collect more tax revenue through the increase in hand lotion sales.

*25 Gisele pictures total in the gallery:

  • Gisele Brazil Ban 1
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 2
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 3
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 4
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 5
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 6
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 7
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 8
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 9
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 10
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 11
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 12
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 13
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 14
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 15
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 16
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 17
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 18
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 19
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 20
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 21
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 22
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 23
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 24
  • Gisele Brazil Ban 25

  • Brazilian woman

    This is not about defending Giselle (who is very annoying by the way). The Ministry may have been too strict (or even overboard) with their action, but it is a VERY SEXIST add. It shows 2 different situations: she delivering bad news while all dressed and the husband having a very negative reaction; then she comes in lingerie, delivers the bad news and the husband doesn't care (because of her lingerie/semi-nude body).

    It is ok to criticize the fact and the governmental reaction to the ad, but it is something entirely different to make offensive, misinformed and prejudicial comments about a country the writer seems to know nothing about.

    I've been abroad and I live abroad, and I can say that American, British and Australian women dress much more sluttier (and even inappropriately to some situations) than Brazilian women.

    Way to be an asshole yankee with very little cultural education or knowledge about other countries or cultures!

    Say that Brazil only produces hot women is to ignore not only history, but the minimum of cultural and economical knowledge. How do you think the World uses rubber [came from an Amazonian tree from Brazil], drinks coffee [the country was the largest producer in the world for decades]? Firstly it was the sugar cane's sugar, and know it's the ethanol, our textiles [specially jeans] and shoes are exported and sold worldwide, our Embraer planes [one of the world's top small aircraft companies], our mined metals, some of our oil, the big and broad cultural contribution of Brazilian music, and our soccer players and our MMA and jiu-jitsu fighters (if you are into stereotypical symbols of Brazil).

    And to the people complaining about the guy's spelling and writing, get a life! We see much worse examples of Americans "writing" (??) all the time on the internet. Those people, like me, have English as a 2nd or 3rd language. What else are you able to speak (or even write) besides English???

  • DeMouse

    So does this line of lingerie make all women look like they have a peen, or just Giselle? Either way it's not good. Brady may sob away his nights but the checking account is always full, like her pants. Ew!

    Nice writting by the way! Jesus, he gets the ellipses right and misspells writing... Holy hell I say. Typical Brazilian obsessed with Giselle, she'd sell her own poop if she could.

  • brazillian dude

    you have a really messed up and uninformed opinion about brazil

    it might be an underdeveloped country with a great amount of poor people, but you're so wrong about the women shit.

    i've been to miami and women there dress way worse (by worse i mean sluttier) than they do here, even at the beach

    and yeah women here do have nice asses but i like american tits and porn way better than ours

  • Marvin

    OMG She is a he!!!!

  • Attractive man

    Old woman

  • *_* hhaaannndddsssooommmeeeeee

    Miranda has new gallery in paris fashion.

  • Anonymous

    what is that bulge?

  • MacKenzie Hawkins

    Look at her package. No wonder Brady is playing like a man possessed. He is playing with the fear of having her give him the business from behind!!!

  • bill belachik

    a whole new meanining to Brady gets SACKED !!

  • *hhhaaaaannndddsssooommee*

    I like girls who have pee pee's .. sexy to me

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