Stacy Keibler leaving CVS pharmacy in Beverly Hills (10/4)

George Clooney gave Stacy Keibler something he's never given another woman . . . and no, I'm not talking about an orgasm. I mean a key to his place. A source told the National Enquirer:
"Stacy started off by playing hard to get and blew off George's first requests for a date before relenting. Within weeks of hooking up, George presented her with a key to his Studio City, Calif., home - something he never offered any other girl. But Stacy often passed up spend-the-night invites because she says she prefers sleeping on her own and having her own space. Her arm's length attitude has completely blown George away and turned him into a lovelorn puppy dog trailing after her!"
If I had a nickel for every story printed about George Clooney being smitten with his newest floozy, I'd be as rich as he is. These articles are always put out by the chick's publicist to try and make it look like she isn't just another one of his latest semen receptacles. Stacy, if you really want us to believe it's different this time, get George to do something he never does: propose a decent movie.

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[Pacific Coast News]

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