Eva Longoria going through security at LAX airport (10/26)

It's one thing to subject someone to an invasive full body scan at the airport, but jesus, can you at least look like you wouldn't immediately rape them if the government suddenly dissolved and the country descended into chaos and anarchy?

*17 Eva Longoria pictures total in the gallery:

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  • security guy

    hey just lookin at hers lower intestine and colon,I'd hit them

  • loveyou

    I am a 26 year old male who is married to a woman that is 50 years old. We met on **couga/ra.( om** since I was 21. I fell in love with her shortly after meeting her and I love her more now than before. This is the most complete and loving relationship I have ever had. And to a person that posted before, I didn’t have any trouble getting girls my own age. And I do emphasize "girls". Most women my age are not ready for a mature relationship even if they say they are. All they want to do is play house but when real life finally knocks on the door they don’t want anything to do with it. Age doesn’t have as much to do with the relationship as one would think. My wife and I both love and respect each other regardless of our ages and neither of us have ever been so happy.

  • MacKenzie Hawkins

    What a great profile!!!!!

    Say what you will about her personally, her body is tight.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, she got caught at a security control, got heavily irradiated, and that's all nice and fair.

    But when was she expelled back to the mexican border ?

    I really don't understand Obama's policy in terms of aliens' management.

  • A Sandcrab

    Mexico wanted nothing to do with her. Why do you think she is hiding out on this side of the border. We tried to give her back and they would not take her.

  • Anonymous

    How unfortunate...

    Plus I remembered she divorced, so she can't even be shipped to France, where they grant asylum and citizenship to anyone dumb enough to knock at their door.

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    Great sport

  • drunken pig

    I would eat the tacos out of that ass..

  • Hawk

    Her pants are so tight you don't need an x-ray.

  • anonymous

    She's hiding an IED in her vagina known to make penis explode.

  • WTF

    She's got to draw attention to herself somehow, certain can't with her acting ability.

  • Anonymous

    Boarder bi*&h. no good.

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