Elizabeth Olsen at the New York Film Festival premiere of Martha Marcy May Marlene (10/11)

Like any good older sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have completely supported their younger sister Elizabeth and her acting ambitions. Um, until she started becoming more successful than them. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Though Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s team insist they have nothing but love for their little sister, Elizabeth Olsen — and are thrilled by her fast-rising career — a source close to the twins says the older Olsens are feeling a bit of sibling jealousy. Elizabeth’s “Martha Marcy May Marlene” already is stirring Oscar buzz for the young actress, something that never has been experienced by her older sisters. But then, the twins benefit from a billion-dollar endorsement biz, thanks to their early success on “Full House.”

According to my source, Ashley and Mary-Kate did show up for their sis’ big New York Film Festival premiere of her movie, “but stayed the mere minimum. ... It sure looks like they really didn’t want to be there. Playing supporting roles is not something they’re used to.”
Sure, Elizabeth is getting Oscar buzz and has a new movie coming out, but that's no reason for her sisters to be jealous. No, the reason her sisters should be jealous is because she's the one sibling in the family who doesn't look like Gollum. The bottom line to this story is that no matter how rich you are, there's always someone else that has something that you want -- like in this case, a face that wouldn't scare Medusa.

*11 Elizabeth Olsen pictures total in the gallery:

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  • The whole thing sounds like the situation in the novel and movie Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?..and of course Mary Kate and Ashley hate it, because they made crap when they were growing up and now don't have much of a career anymore, while their younger sister has a career (based on better work) and is reaping the rewards of that.

  • merre

    this is really horrible thing to say. thety are siblings what wrong with you? you are trying to start a fight between these sisters. they all have their own beauties. i'd be very proud of if my young sis was about to getting an oscar. people love elizabeth olsen. i can get it, but why they are attacking her older sisters? i dont think elizabeth like it. they are their sisters for god's sake. if they have a problem they have to solve it inside. who the f is that "insider" talk that horrible about them? or it's just you to claim shit to get attention?

  • lala

    nose surgery,...obviously

  • Tophix

    Whoever wrote this article must be suffering some form of brain damage. No way in hell are the Olsen twins comparable to Gollum. They are gorgeous. Pretty sure anyone who says otherwise or agrees with anyone who says otherwise probably looks like a troll themselves.

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  • Vickiibee

    perhaps you should have written an article on miss elizabeth olsen herself (who i have never heard of and know nothing about [beside that she sees the same plastic surgeon as michael jackson apparently] and so have very little reason to accept your assertion that she is somehow more successful than her sisters) instead of focusing on something so caddy. the olsen twins are beautiful. nuff said.

  • MKAEO <3 <3 <3

    I don't get why everyone is believing this nonsense! I'm sure they are all supportive of each other....and I highly doubt any of the Olsens are as shallow as most of you are being right now by saying they're jealous of their little sister's looks!! ...please get a life!

  • Why would the Olsen twins be jealous of something they've never tried to do? Not staying long for a party? That's evidence of having something more important to do that day.

  • Nrml_guy

    How old is she and her nose already looks like a mangled mess????

  • Her nose isn't mangled, except to you.

  • Heh, the twins seemed to just ride the money train from full house and never really learn to act well enough to matter beyond the money. Then the day came and went when they got support by old perves who waited for them to come of age... and now they're insignificant. Funny really.

  • lala

    how did they 'ride the money train'? i think they did somethign well. Their parents set up a company for them, which they manage today. They also are very popular fashion designers (u may not know because their clothes are prtty expensive, except for "olsen boy") and they actually attended NYU, the fact they got in shows they're smart and successful. I'd pick mary kate and ashley's careers over elizabeth's any day because where I live, no one really knows elizabeth olsen but everyone in the world knows the 2 twins who are literally billionaires.

  • Be kind

    My gosh, she is exquisite! Who knew? I sure wish her the best... and perhaps she has a better head on her shoulder's than her two sister's do.

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  • TJ Wright

    Hopefully she isn't a fur-hag like her nasty big sisters!

  • Romeo Garcia

    I hate the olsen sisters!!!! they are ugly...the little sister is very very beautiful....

  • LOL! Whoever wrote this article, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for articulating the creepiness of the twins!

  • Info

    The Olsen twins are gorgeous, high fashion girls. What is all this about scaring Medusa? This is just more tabloid nonsense ... I wouldn't mind if it weren't so mean.

  • Rolapola

    i found her average beauty, didnt see her movie, maybe she is better in acting than the twins, also nobody can confirm that they are jeleause their sister, we can say that they stay at backstage so to not show to public that her sister wins with the help of theirs twins sisters of hers, but she wins with her own

  • Bbrao1612

    wow...really great

  • Splatter45

    The Olsen twins were supposed to be hot. Remember when we were all waiting for them to turn 18? What happened to them? The writer hit a homerun with the Gollum reference. Possum I want what you're smoking. they are hideous lit tle trolls and of course they are jealous of their sister, she actually IS hot. That's not the best picture of her but she is definitely very pretty. Oddly she is also over a foot taller than her siblings,that's pretty strange in itself.

  • Ray

    Are you by any chance on a large amount of drugs? Or are you writing this comment from the special bus? They are not "hideous," nor are they "trolls". They're both probably far out of your league ten times over. A foot taller? Really? That would put her over six feet tall, which she isn't even close to. Ask to get your eyes checked the next time you get your head examined.

  • Randy

    She has the same monkey face as her sisters, the only difference is that this one was smarter and had a nosejob before launching her career.

  • Pepper

    I know why they're jealous: Elizabeth has curves!

  • ..{ Attractive man }..

    I see you falcon

  • ..{ Attractive man }..

    3 average twins

  • Skunky

    She is as cute as a little spotted frog sitten on a lily pad.

  • Possum

    Both those Olsen twins is drop dead georgeous. They got nothing to be jealous of with this girl.

  • Silvia

    She does seem to have a classic type of beauty about her. I wish her well.

  • STP

    She has a kind of classy beauty. I can see why the twins are jealous. If she can really act, that is even better.

  • Falcon

    Very nice looking. She is really pretty, much more so than the twins.

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    What what jealous?? just becouse her little sister getting oscar buzz and has new movie?. Really they retarted.

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