Chris Brown is banned in the UK

Chris Brown was supposed to join Snooki onstage at the Michael Jackson tribute concert over the weekend . . . yeah, so about that assault charge from a few years ago. From the Mirror:
Chris Brown has been BARRED from coming here to perform at Michael Jackson’s tribute concert, Michael Forever, in Cardiff on Saturday. Brown, who admitted assaulting RiRi when they were dating in 2009, has been refused a work visa due to his criminal record. It was suggested Brown perform as a hologram from the US but a source said: "It would put a negative slant on the day. The family wants to make sure the show is a fitting tribute to Michael."
I'm starting to wonder why we revolted from the British in the first place. They've at least got their priorities straight. Any guy that hits a woman SHOULD be banned from your country. Of course, forcing criminals to stay out of their country is nothing new for the British -- it's why Australians speak English.

*14 Chris Brown pictures total in the gallery:

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