Brenda Song leaving Kalologie Skincare in L.A. (10/13)

I don't know how the hell I missed this last week, but Miley Cyrus' weirdo brother Trace is officially engaged to Disney star Brenda Song. It was rumored in August that he knocked her up, but judging by that picture of her earlier this month, that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyways, Trace tweeted:
I am very excited to say, last week I asked my girlfriend Brenda Song to marry me and she said YES! We are both very excited to be engaged!
This is terrible news for Brenda's mom and dad. How can they ever show their faces in public again? Oh sure, all the other Asian moms and dads have daughters who became lawyers and consultants, but their kid marries the eldest son of the fucking hillbilly Cyrus clan. Brenda's gonna have to get into Harvard twice now just to make up for the embarrassment.

*10 Brenda Song pictures total in the gallery:

  • Brenda Song Engaged 1
  • Brenda Song Engaged 2
  • Brenda Song Engaged 3
  • Brenda Song Engaged 4
  • Brenda Song Engaged 5
  • Brenda Song Engaged 6
  • Brenda Song Engaged 7
  • Brenda Song Engaged 8
  • Brenda Song Engaged 9
  • Brenda Song Engaged 10
[Pacific Coast News]

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