Bradley Cooper leaving J.Lo's house in Calabasas (10/15)

There was a rumor last month that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez went on a date in New York. Well they're definitely doing more than just dinner together as Brad was spotted leaving Jennifer's house in Calabasas on Saturday. To quote the great Deena from Jersey Shore: They did sex. TMZ says:
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez are not a couple just yet ... but a source close to the pair says they are indeed "casually dating." We're told the two enjoy each other's company but are keeping things simple for now. So while they aren't boyfriend/girlfriend yet, our sources say "they are definitely dating."
The two are "enjoying each other's company"? OK that settles it, this story has to be planted by a publicist. The last living being to willingly hang out with Jennifer Lopez were her twins, and that was only because they were locked in her womb for nine months and couldn't find a way out.

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