Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez going for a helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (10/4)

Sometimes I forget that Justin Bieber is still only 17-years-old, but this story from Mike Walker at the National Enquirer really hopes drive it home:
Superstar teen idol Justin Bieber raked in $53 million-plus last year, but the 17-year-old still needs to ask Mommy's permission for sleepovers, so when Disney cutie galpal Selena Gomez suggested a pajama party at her pad after a late dinner at swanky Mastro's in BevHills, Justin whipped out his (don't get ahead of me here, folks!) cell phone in the limo, called home - and after a brief conversation told his honey excitedly: "Mom said it was okay!"
Aw, how cute. Justin has to ask his mom for permission to let his 19-year-old girlfriend statutorily rape him. Classy. Now, don't get me wrong, adults that want to sleep with 17-year-old dudes isn't necessarily a bad thing -- I just prefer it was done in the more traditional sense. You know, like with a school teacher or a priest.

*26 Justin and Selena pictures total in the gallery:

  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 1
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 2
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 3
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 4
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 5
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 6
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 7
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 8
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 9
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 10
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 11
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 12
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 13
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 14
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 15
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 16
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 17
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 18
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 19
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 20
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 21
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 22
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 23
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 24
  • Bieber Gomez Chopper Flight 25
[Flynet, Pacific Coast News]
  • *_* hhhaaannndddsssooommmeee *

    I love more comment

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they have bodyguards>

  • Patty

    Male or female bodyguards?

  • Juan

    I do not know what is going on in these photographs, but somehow I think it is not goodness.

  • Philip

    I find these photos to be deeply disturbing on several levels.

  • Anonymous

    There is something unwholesome about those photos.

  • Amee

    This is an international crisis. He is very important, and in 6 or 7 years may become a vital world leader and savior. She is rancid, very very rancid and evil. She is daily sucking his vital juices from his body and making him weaker. She is a servant of the dark side, We must demand that she release him and go back to the place from which she came, The fate of the whole world is at stake.

  • Justin Failure

    FUCK THIS LITTLE FAG. Why do you fucks keep doing stories about little faggots like him and his little whore bitch. I hope the chopper crashes and they both die. Or maybe she'll get kidnapped and turned into a 3rd world whore. I mean really fuck these people and the people who do stores on them. There's real shit going on in the world that needs to be covered not stupid retarded fucking shit like these two.

  • JVC

    You seem to be full of anger, hate and rage. You should not blame the world's problems on these innocent children. They are our future. You need to seek professional help, not rage against innocent children. Don't be a hater.

  • A fan

    Justin can do better and should drop her. She is bad news for him and she is sucking the lite force right out of him. Selena is awful and sort of ugly.

  • JD

    She's beautiful. He looks like a gangster-wanna be loser. She could do so much better.

  • Tina

    NO!!! He could do so much better. She is an evil twisted and perverted hag.

  • sadness


  • Inexplicable sadness

    Qishi live up to now finally found, Robe de Mariée do not listen to her mother's words will regret it sooner or later, think of Fish Leong lyrics: if one day we meet again, time will not step back a bit, maybe we are Hulue, hurt each other feeling than ... ...

    Maybe - love on the people are relatively large, so that after the affair to leave a huge terrible consequences ... not also love, not forget old friends, just kind of habit, it is really hard to make people change hard to compare ... ... the invisible, intangible loss ... ...

    Maybe it! Not bad man, a woman does not love ... this sentence is right? Now suddenly Vestidos de Novia think it is, this sentence means that romantic men will be more easy to get a woman's favor, of course, where the "bad" is not derogatory, just a synonym for romance and surprises ... ... to this honest man sentence ashamed, bad men with these words as a motto, wise man to understand the true meaning of this sentence ... ...

    Now most of their own have forgotten the original, go back ... ... a bit sad, a person can not find their sad? Ah ~ ~ so sad life now that confidence is gone ... ...

    Love their injuries beyond recognition ... ...

  • Judy

    Those thoughts were so sad and yet tender that I got all choked up and wanted to cry. Truer words were never expressed on this site.

  • Snickers

    Oh no! A teen star who lets his parents know what he's going to be doing, where he's going to be, and doesn't think that his cash and fame gives him the right to disrespect his parents by not telling them any of these things. Double oh no! Two people consenting to a sexual encounter!

    (rolls eyes)

    I know that 17 is technically under California's AOC law, but come on... who here really thinks that this is an abusive relationship? I initially had my doubts but these two seem to really care about each other. I find it interesting that people are nitpicking this whole scenario and calling Bieber a mommy's boy for actually wanting to check in with his parents and let them know what's going on. If he hadn't then everyone would be screaming about how he doesn't respect anyone, blah blah blah. I'm not a Bieber or Gomez fan, but come on. Give these kids a break.

  • Bruce

    Justin must be one hell of a young stud, the way chicks flock to him.

  • Twila

    Justin is the sweetest, gentlest most honest boy ever born. He is the greatest singer in the world and our hero. His fan club supports him 114%. Selena is a crack bitch from hell.

  • milesaugust

    Well stated, a fuck-wad he is, he should hope to graduate someday to dip shit.

  • Hate-These-Assholes

    What the fuck is the attraction to these two useless little fuck-wads? Who gives a shit he he fucks her or if she gives him BJs, they are just two fucking little dip-shits. Get a life for crying out loud!!

  • Anonymous

    pull up your pants, get a hat that fits, and tie your shoes you moron!

  • Aaron

    I don't know if you've heard, but the age of consent in New York is 17, jackass

  • Anonymous

    Beverly Hills isn't in NY asshole.

  • Tracy

    May she rot in the pits of slime for what she is trying to do to Justin. The witch is evil through and through a warped twisted freak of a creature.

  • Biff Steele

    Pull your pants up, you idiot Hoser douche...

  • *_* hhhaaannndddsssooommmeeeee

    Me 2 sometime i forget him.

  • AB


  • The Real Jilly

    No No No No. He is underaged. This tramp and whore is raping and preverting a tender innocent young boy. It is shameful what she is doing.

  • Anonymous

    She could rape me any day.

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