Vanessa Hudgens leaving a gym in West Hollywood (9/21)

+ Geri Halliwell is looking sexy as hell (site NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Lea Michele has nice legs [Just Jared]
+ It's Kate Bosworth's boobs! (NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ "Hank deserves a lot more sex" [The Blemish]
+ Isla Fisher is part of your lesbian sex fantasy of the day [Caught on Set]

+ Keanu Reeves is sad again [Socialite Life]
+ Bristol Palin got into a bar fight [Evil Beet]
+ Stacy Keibler is gonna get her ass dumped [Cele|bitchy]
+ Apparently Beyonce needs even more money [I'm Not Obsessed]

LIST OF THE DAY: 25 Bizarre Medical Instruments

*10 Vanessa Hudgens pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight 2
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight 3
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  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight 5
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  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight 8
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  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight 10
  • anon

    wasn't all that hot to begin with but yeah she's dangerously close to becoming an all out chunkster.

  • ...just nick...

    Nothing new photos???

  • Lewis

    Why not ubdate ?

  • U U

    Yep great but not hot a more.

  • Fawks

    "Used to be hot"? She's cute as a button and has some very nice T&A

  • Jessie

    Grazy for it love for it miss for it.

  • Buffy

    To another hippo she probably is hot, to healthy people she is just obese and a glutton.

  • Hot Matthaw

    I want to touch her clitoris and play her titti.

  • Lewis

    Hahahahaa Go play she need anyone hold her

  • Lewis

    Little fat

  • Manly

    YepFat but Still looks pretty like selena.

  • coruja

    pudgy is the new sexy. didnt u get the memo?

  • James

    Used to be hot? She still is hot.

  • Anonymous

    Forgive Nick. He tries real hard to guess what might or might not be considered hot by us straight guys, but he really is navegating without a compass here.

  • sophie

    she had to gain like 20 pounds and cut her hair for her movie

  • Unruly

    Cute as hell.

  • ...just nick...

    Something to be fat but she looks happy. Nice

  • OrangeJelly


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