Uma Thurman arriving to the Calvin Klein show during Fashion Week in New York (9/15)

"I'm sorry, but you're not getting your cleaning deposit back for the yacht." Just once, just once I want to tell someone that. From The Globe:
Uma Thurman rented a 160-foot yacht for herself and five galpals to the tune of $140,000 a week while in town for the Newport, R.I., Folk Festival, but left it in shambles. Uma spilled an entire glass of red wine on a white Persian rug and the stain wouldn't come out, and one of her friends broke a leg off a coffee table so both had to be replaced. Not only that, the party girls left dirty dishes, wrappers and uneaten food all over the place, including on the floor. "It took the cabin crew almost five hours to clean up the mess in the main sitting area alone," reveals my source. "They must have had too good a time!" (Print Edition)
Private yachts, wild parties, free-flowing booze -- when did Uma Thurman turn into a rapper? Also, when did she find the time to build that time machine to take her back to the 90s when she was the "appropriate" age to be doing these sorts of things? Sorry Uma, you're in your 40s now. That means no more wild ragers, no more all-nighters, and no more being relevant in Hollywood.

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  • Upskirt Celebs

    Oh heaven forbid - you spend $140k / week on a yacht and they actually have to spend an entire 5 hours cleaning it. How will the owners ever afford some maids for $10/hour, HOW?!

  • J-Mart

    My God, look at her thumb, it must be 6 inches long!

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Did they leave snail tracks?

  • J

    There is NO story here at all. If i pay that much to rent anything I am not doing dishes or cleaning it.

    It is all part of renting.

    This pathetic website deserves a nice lawsuit for defamnation.

    Way to employ a Wannabe jouranlist a nothing story that shows how unprofessional this site is.


  • Anonymous

    Hey dumbass, The Globe is the source for this story, not Celebslam. Speaking of defamation...

  • Mack

    Loved her in Kill Bill I and II, Hey at the price they charged her, they could have redone the whole interior and still be ahead. It's the crews responsibility to clean up and make repairss. Thats what ships crew are for. It's not her fault the service was overpriced and poor.

  • Lovesthebj

    For $140,000 a week she could leave dead bodies on board.

    So your staff had to spend 5 hours cleaning a boat your just cleared 6 figures a week renting? Your staff had to do some dishes and pick up trash? THAT'S WHAT A CREW IS FOR!

    Is she a bitch if she doesn't bus her own table at a restaurant or clean her hotel room before she takes off?

    Kill Bill was wildly overrated; there, I said it.

  • ...just nick...

    She more look alike lily donaldson.

  • James

    Lily donaldson is fashion models hows care models crap.

  • Uma

    I told the yacht owner to kill the bill

  • wawa

    Now that Heidi Klum has passed away, I nominate Uma Thurman for #1 butterface.

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