Sofia Vergara leaving a restaurant in L.A. (9/1)

Sofia Vergara talked to another guy at an Emmys reception. EVERYBODY PANIC! From the New York Daily News:
Watch your back, Nick Loeb. The banking heir's girlfriend, actress Sofia Vergara sure seemed to enjoy chatting with handsome Edgar Ramirez at the reception that was held for Emmy Award nominees at Wolfgang Puck's Spectra in Los Angeles on Friday.  After accepting a certificate for her nomination, the "Modern Family" made a beeline for Ramirez, who was nominated for playing terrorist Carlos the Jackal in the three-part movie "Carlos." After the hotties spoke Spanish to each other, Vergara asked her manager to take a picture of them. Loeb hadn't arrived in L.A. yet because we hear he was attending a friend's wedding in Florida. He made it West in time to be by Vergara's side at Sunday night's awards. A source close to Vergara says not to read anything into the encounter, noting: "Sofia and Edgar are friends."
I'm sure Nick has nothing to worry about. A lot of guys' girlfriends are close "friends" with good-looking male movie stars. What's the big deal? Relationships in Hollywood are known to be iron clad and something as innocuous as an attractive third person would never break them up. I say Nick should just trust Sophia explicitly and let her do who what she wants. At least that's what I always tell the Sofia Vergara doll that watches over me as I sleep. With authentic hair!

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