Snooki leaving Club Eleven in West Hollywood (9/21)

PICTURED: Jersey Shore's Snooki competing in the "11th Annual Sidewalk Surfing World Championships" last night in West Hollywood. Go Snooki!

*10 Snooki pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Snooki Club Stumble 2
  • Snooki Club Stumble 3
  • Snooki Club Stumble 4
  • Snooki Club Stumble 5
  • Snooki Club Stumble 6
  • Snooki Club Stumble 7
  • Snooki Club Stumble 8
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  • Snooki Club Stumble 10

  • chichifroglegs

    is that bearded guy david cross?

  • Biff Steele

    She makes Meg on Family Guy look good.

  • mick

    Dip her in egg wash, then flour and crumb her, fry her slowly in a hot pan, take her out, bend her over the table, take your blind fold off and run away screaming, because she has just scared the living shit out of you. Find your magnum(gun not ice cream) and chase her down, so you can live your life in peace.

  • Bell Bottom

    She needs to fire her manicurist, horrible nails tacky overkill shanaynay designs. Bell bottom nails, they aren't supposed to get wider toward the tip. Too much gaudy jewelry. Less is more.

  • Go away loser.

    Why is this ugly little troll still in the news?

  • Pedro

    She looks pretty good. I think she is showing a karate move in the picture.

  • guido

    what about leash law and pooper scooper?

  • guido

    what about leash law and pooper scooper?

  • Lewis

    Hahahaha crab

  • Manly

    Trying hard to care herself.

  • ...just nick...

    I don't want to see this mouse again. I really dont care appearance.

  • SSH22

    Snook is pretty comfortable on her knees.

  • Paul

    I would totally blow that dude..

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