Pauly D at the Midsummer Night's Dream Party at The Palms in Las Vegas (8/13)

Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame made $100,000 over the weekend. And he didn't even have to do anything gay. I mean, besides that thing he does with his hair. From the New York Post:
“Jersey Shore” hair-gel enthusiast Pauly D is spinning his way to more nlucrative DJ gigs after opening for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale nTour and DJ-ing at MTV’s official VMAs after-party in Los Angeles. The nreality-TV musclecake will rake in an impressive $100,000 for a series of dates this weekend, including gigs at Pacha in New York and at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. Tonight, he’s scheduled to hit Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City for some serious fist-pumping.
$100,000 for a weekend of playing music? That's disgusting. I mean sure, you can't fault the guy for living the modern American Dream of having MTV supply you with alcohol and follow you around with a camera, but . . . $100K? For that kind of money these promoters could have booked acts with a lot more appeal than Pauly D -- like Carrot Top or AIDS.

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