Lindsay Lohan and Philipp Plein at a press conference in Milan, Italy (9/24)

I don't know if this Phillipp Plein guy has been in a coma for the past five years, but that's the only explanation that makes sense for him hiring Lindsay Lohan as the face of his fashion line. "That actress from Mean Girls is available? Oh my god, she must be a huge star by now!" From the Daily Mail:
[On Saturday], Plein held a news conference in Italy, introducing LiLo as the face of his new clothing collection during Milan Fashion Week. The designer, who is clearly pleased to have LiLo on his team has said: "Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality."
"Highly acclaimed actress and model"? Look, it's clear that this Phillipp guy wants to get into Lindsay's pants, but he's going a little overboard. Hiring Lindsay Lohan as the face of your fashion line just because you want to fuck her is like going pheasant hunting with a rocket launcher. It's almost as desperate a move as buying Paris Hilton flowers.

*10 Lindsay Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

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[Pacific Coast News]

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