Lindsay Lohan at the Cynthia Rowley show during New York Fashion Week (9/9)

For some strange reason Lindsay Lohan was actually in New York last week for Fashion Week (coincidence maybe?). Oh I bet you'll never guess how she acted. Hint: It rhymes with "spoiled little cunt." From the New York Post:
Bratty blonde Lindsay Lohan’s Fashion Week antics made her unfashionably unwelcome at Marc Jacobs’ after-party at the Dream Downtown hotel on Thursday night. After throwing a drink at a photographer the previous night at the Top of the Standard during the V Magazine Black & White ball, Lohan was thrown out of Jacobs’ bash at the newly opened Gallery at the Dream Downtown.

Witnesses told us that when a friend of Lohan’s tried to approach door staff at the Jacobs party to let her inside, she was rebuffed several times. “It’s not going to happen,” event organizers repeated. So Lohan called on her pal, Dream owner Vikram Chatwal, who walked her into the event. She took a seat in a booth near Dakota Fanning, who stars in Jacobs’ ad campaign for his Oh, Lola! fragrance. But moments later, spies said security approached Lohan and told her she wasn’t welcome. The starlet was then bounced from the venue while Juergen Teller, Michael Pitt, Mischa Barton and Fanning partied on.
It sounds like Lindsay Lohan's become more toxic than Paris Hilton's underwear. If Lindsay's no longer able to use her "celebrity" to get into trendy parties with free booze, what is she going to do with herself everyday? It's a pretty well-known fact that people who don't work, squander money, and are despised by the general public don't usually last too long in Hollywood -- especially since most of them live in Washington D.C.

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[Pacific Coast News]

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