LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at Milos Estiatorio restaurant in New York (9/9)

LeAnn Rimes -- who weighs 47 pounds according to some estimates -- is still trying to convince everyone that she eats. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

You're damn right I just quoted Hamlet, motherfucker. From the Daily Mail:
[LeAnn Rimes] stepped out with husband Eddie Cibrian in New York City blast night looking almost too tiny. Although she wore a leopard print bdress that should have been figure-flattering, the wide belt she wore bonly accentuated how miniscule her waist has gotten. Despite her frail bappearance, the 29-year-old couldn't stop tweeting about the tasty btreats she was enjoying in The Big Apple; she's in town to attend New vbYork Fashion Week.

"5 baklava's later..... I'm not kidding! Wow, Milo's Greek in bNYC.....incredible!" she wrote on her Twitter page yesterday.

She also enjoyed a calorie-laden breakfast at one of his Jay-Z's favourite hometown spots, Bubby's.

"LOVE being able to get a southern breakfast in NYC! Bubby's rocks. I had and eggs with spinach and jalapenos.....paying for that though LOL."
After reading this story, I could go on and on about how LeAnn looked terrible wearing a "wide belt" that didn't go along with her leopard print dress, but then I remembered that I don't actually have Clay Aiken's dick in my mouth. Instead, lets focus on the fact that LeAnn "paid" for eating some jalapenos. I imagine what she was alluding to is that it made her asshole burn -- so exactly what it's like to have unprotected anal with any of the dudes from Jersey Shore. Ain't that right, Snooki?

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  • Gianna

    Maybe 47.5.. looks like she had a little water there.

  • Derp


  • justgross

    Yeah, right she eats, but does d*ck count as food?

  • MrSatyre

    Fuck you, too, Eddie!

  • Unruly

    No matter how hard I try to not give a shit about either one of these wholly uninteresting ass hats, there they are.. insisting that I give a shit.

    They can fuck off anytime.

  • milesaugust

    Thought she was gross until those recent bikini pictures, she'll be glad to know I've reconsidered.

  • Hawk

    What exactly does the douchebag Eddie do again? Is he an actor?

  • master yoda

    Nice subtle bird flip by Eddie in the pic.

    Well played

  • SSH22

    47 pounds? You must be kidding. More like mid 90's at the very least.

  • Nick

    Yeah dude, I was kidding. What gave it away? MAYBE BECAUSE I SAID SHE WEIGHED 47 FUCKING POUNDS.




  • Buffy

    She eats. She just eats the right foods and does not eat anymore than her body requires. She should get a nobel prize for being such a good example on proper eating and saving some food for the world's starving peoples. People in the Sudan are dying from hunger.

  • yup

    hulk hands...SMASH!

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