Kourtney Kardashian arriving at LAX airport for a flight (8/29)

It's been nearly two weeks since a Kardashian had a lavish and profitable wedding, so naturally Mama Kardashian is getting a little antsy. Naturally. I mean, what good are kids if you can't exploit them for fun and profit? It's the American way. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Just when the celebrity world has got over one Kardashian wedding, it looks like another one is looming! There’s word that Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott Disick are working with their reality show producers to coordinate the date, the time and the details for their nuptials — which reportedly will net that couple almost as much $$$ as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries scooped up for their big day.
Of course Kourtney and the producers of the show are planning to "coordinate the time, the date and the details of the nuptials" -- they want it to coincide with the seasons a sentimental time in their family's lives the biggest payday. Frankly, with all of the money Kourtney and Scott are going to be raking in from this event, they shouldn't even call it a wedding. They should call it a retirement party. No, seriously, can you guys please retire? Preferably to a small island in the South Pacific. Without electricity.

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  • Anonymous

    Everyone needs to realize that the Kardashian family is as human as anyone else. Yes, they cry, they laugh, they get angry, they swear...who doesn't. Is there anyone is this world who is not a loud or foul mouth. Don't hate them because of their fame. They earned their rightful place in the entertainment and entrepreneurial industry. I wish them much success and happiness, they have earned it.

  • Pruella W.

    they are nothing but nasty loud mouthed hoebagsssssssss.

  • Anonymous

    Kourtney has even more of that delicate dusky Iranian beauty than her sisters do. Can you imagine hiding all that beauty under a burka? It's good they are in the US where they can be free to show off their good looks.

  • Anonymous

    The wedding industry in California is going to go bankrupt giving free weddings to the Kardashians.

  • Anonymous

    Not to worry, by the end of next year the whole state is going to be bankrupt. Then everyone in California will move to Arizona or Nevada.

  • Angus

    So where are all those morons who claim this bitch is the prettiest Kardashian?

    She's looking more and more like the poor version of Victoria Beckham.

  • K-Haters

    Who gives a rat's fuck about this or any fucking Kardashian, they're all a bunch of fucking loser whores! Anyone who watches this bullshit needs to get their head examined or removed.

  • Len

    They are as important to the cultural and entertainment world as the president is to the political world. That makes them pretty important.

  • GCB

    Lets face it the Kardashians are the first family of California. Not being kept current on Kardashian news is the same as witholding news about our President and his family. We need to be kept up to date on both.

  • Unruly

    I don't even...

  • Anonymous

    Anything involving a Kardashian is national and international news, reaching as far as the mid-east. The government of Iran is interested in following it's most famous former family.

  • Anonymous

    Anything involving a Kardashian is national and international news, reaching as far as the mid-east. The government of Iran is interested in following it's most famous former family.

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