Kim Kardashian out and about in New York (9/25)

When people think you're more annoying than Snooki, it may be time to just give up on life. From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Kim Kardashian has been named the Most Annoying Celebrity in a new magazine poll. The newlywed reality TV star beat out Charlie Sheen and “Jersey Shore” regular Snooki to land at the top of the new Parade list, which makes up part of the publication’s Pop Culture Poll. Kardashian scored 29 percent of the readers’ vote - two percent more than Sheen. Lindsay Lohan and Donald Trump also made the list.
This news will probably really upset Kim -- unless winning this poll means that she'll be awarded a cash prize. Sure, Kim's annoying with her no-talent face plastered on every endorsement deal she can find, but is she really the MOST annoying celebrity? I get more annoyed with celebrities who can't keep their mouths shut -- like Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, and apparently Kevin James.

*18 Kim Kardashian pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Kim Kardashian Most Annoying 2
  • Kim Kardashian Most Annoying 3
  • Kim Kardashian Most Annoying 4
  • Kim Kardashian Most Annoying 5
  • Kim Kardashian Most Annoying 6
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  • Kim Kardashian Most Annoying 8
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  • KK-Sucks

    Well DUH! What do you expect when it comes to a Self-Centered, Snot-Nosed slut whose only claim to fame is a FAT ASS and a sleazy sex tape. Of course people despise her, she's a useless Cunt!!! DUH!!

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  • Anonymous

    Dude, I couldn't agree more.

  • Falcon

    I am not sure Kim is annoying. Besides being beautiful, cunning and everywhere, deep down inside I think she is just a pretty flower that will soon fade.

  • Unruly

    She's super fucking annoying, man.

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    So, are we in agreement that Kim is annoying?

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