Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett at The Grove in Hollywood (9/22)

Note to Kendra Wilkinson: It really is okay to keep some things in your life private. No, really. Especially now that you have a kid. Do me favor, research this word. From Life & Style:
"On Tuesdays before elimination, [my husband] Hank would come over to the set and bring a bottle of wine, and we would have sex in the trailer before the results show," the former Dancing with the Stars competitor writes in her new memoir, Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails and Getting My Sexy Back. "Whenever you saw me smiling on camera on Tuesdays, it's because I just had sex."
Is this story really supposed to be shocking? Even if Kendra hadn't become famous in the first place, she probably would have ended up having sex in trailers for the rest of her life anyway. The only difference between this semi-retarded hillbilly and regular trailer-trash is that Kendra still has all her teeth and uses a high-end designer still to make her moonshine. I'm just kidding, I actually don't know if she has all of her teeth.

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