Denise Richards leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios in Hollywood (8/4)

Denise Richards must be made of money or something because she turned down $100k to guest star on the season premiere of Two and Half Men. In related news, Denise Richards looks like that now, so adjust your masturbating accordingly. From Life & Style:
Producers had hoped the 40-year-old would play one of Charlie Sheen’s former flames on his character’s funeral. “They wanted to bring back a real ex,” the source tells Life & Style. It was hard for Denise to say no because “she really wants to get back into TV,” says a friend.

But ultimately, she turned down the offer. “Charlie would’ve gone crazy, and Denise knows where her bread is buttered,” the source adds.
Obviously Denise didn't do the show because she "knows where her bread is buttered." Why would she agree to collect $100k for a one-time appearance when she knows she could make 100x that by not rocking the boat? That would be like cutting off her nose to spite her face or getting a breast reduction to end her career. Oh wait, she already did that.

*11 Denise Richards pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Denise Richards Two Men 2
  • Denise Richards Two Men 3
  • Denise Richards Two Men 4
[Pacific Coast News]

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