Uh oh, she sees something fried

Christina Aguilera took a real ass-pounding on the sale of her Hollywood Hills home last week. Not literally of course . . . unless real estate has gotten way kinkier since the last time I bought a house. From Contact Music:
Singer Christina Aguilera has finally sold her California mansion, at a loss of more than $300,000 [probably closer to $500,000 when you factor in commissions]. The Grammy winner purchased the Hollywood Hills home for $5 million in 2003, and poured thousands into extensive remodelling projects. She put it back on the market in April 2008 with a listing price of $7.9 million - but now she's sold the house for just $4.65 million. The Sunset Strip estate features four bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a spa, recording studio and pool.
Christina lost $500k on the sale of her house? Oh no, now she'll have to work an extra half an hour on The Voice. Losing that kind of money is just a drop in the bucket for her and frankly, she probably couldn't care less. The only way this news might upset Christina is if you put it in terms she could understand. For example: $500,000 = 1,000,000 eclairs.

*11 Christina Aguilera pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Pruella W.

    Tranny is a fat dress. ewwwwww fugly as sin.

  • Anonymous

    X-Tina is awesome. Big breasted blondes are just plain super sexy, and she is sexier than most BBBs.

  • Tissdalex
  • Jeter

    Anyone that would not want to fu@k that beautiful big boobed blonde is probably gay.

  • Alexis

    Com on, I saw homeless persons looking better!...oops, where's she living now?

  • Jeter

    Anyone that would not want to fu@k that beautiful big boobed blonde is probably gay.

  • Brad

    I think she is very sexy and desirable. I would love to fuck her brains out. She has a body that is made for marathon sex.

  • STD

    Fergit it on the house. X-Tina is still looking hotter than hot. Her exotic beauty put her on the list of the twenty five sexiest women. She is one smokin MILF.

  • Alexis

    I don't think she smokes, she probably avoids bad habits and eats a lot of fruit, does yoga, cleans her pores with himalayan water...AND IT'S FUCKING NOT WORKIN'

  • Willis

    It makes you wonder, when a A list celeb, loses money selling their Hollywood home, is the end of the world as we know it approaching? This is some serious shit.

  • Fotografovana
  • Hawk

    Well I guess the recording studio could be converted into a nursery.

    It's soundproof, so you can't hear the little bastard cry.

  • Fatamorgana
  • Unruly

    Mmmmm... eclairs.

  • Anonymous

    California houses are way overpriced. With people moving out of the state, instead of moving in, they are going to go down even more.

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