Señora Casey Anthony

So apparently Casey Anthony is thinking about moving down to Mexico to start a new life with her rich sugar daddy. Did you hear that, violent Mexican drug cartels? *hint hint* *nudge nudge* C'mon, you totally owe us one. Via the Daily Mail:
A source told the National Enquirer that [Casey] plans to move to the property near to La Paz on the Baja peninsula and eventually become a Mexican citizen.

"Casey continues to receive death threats, and she's finally realised there is no place in America where she can lead a safe, quiet life," a source told the Enquirer. "She said, 'I'm moving to Mexico, and I'm never coming back.' Eventually she plans to become a Mexican citizen."

The wealthy man from California reportedly owns a large ranch on the Sea of Cortez where he has a beach cottage that Anthony will live in.
Obviously Casey hasn't been reading the news lately. If she thinks it's going to be safer down in Mexico, she's in for a surprise. That place is like the Wild West right now -- except with more murders and less gay cowboys. Sadly, the moral of this story is that if you're a chick in your 20s with nice tits, even if you murder your daughter, there's still some rich dumbass out there willing to whisk you away to a tropical beach. Bottom line: college is for suckers.

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