Jennifer Aniston and her douchebag boyfriend Justin Theroux

"Oh my gosh, Brad still cares about me! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh." From UK tabloid Now:
"Brad [Pitt] thinks Jen [Aniston] needs someone who isn't as moody and mysterious as Justin [Theroux]," a mutual friend of the former couple tells Now. "He's always wanted to see Jen end up with her own 'happily ever after', partly due to his guilt over ending their marriage. But he doesn't like Justin and has made his feelings clear to anyone who's asked him."
You just know that getting a reaction out of Brad is exactly the reason why Jen is dating this emo douchebag in the first place. The slightest possibility of hearing Brad talk about her is probably what gets Jen up in the morning. After she's done with this Justin guy, Jen should consider moving on to someone that will really get tongues wagging -- like Ellen DeGeneres.

*5 Jennifer Aniston pictures total in the gallery:

  • Brad Pitt Justin Theroux 1
  • Brad Pitt Justin Theroux 2
  • Brad Pitt Justin Theroux 3
  • Brad Pitt Justin Theroux 4
  • Brad Pitt Justin Theroux 5
[Pacific Coast News]

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