Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli shopping in New York (9/14)

*10 Bar Refaeli pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Bar Refaeli Sexy Stomach 2
  • Bar Refaeli Sexy Stomach 3
  • Bar Refaeli Sexy Stomach 4
  • Bar Refaeli Sexy Stomach 5
  • Bar Refaeli Sexy Stomach 6
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  • Bar Refaeli Sexy Stomach 10
[Pacific Coast News]
  • monk

    she is much better than porky-chicken butt face-sharpened gisele or faked-slutty fame and money runner Blake Lively in any case, and dicaprio is a immature juvenile little crap she does not need it. Bar has class which is very rare on Hollywood, she is far above their and I admire her!

  • Jay

    The only eye I am interested at seeing is her brown one...

  • pinky

    @Lewis problem no have happy not you have bad eye

  • Lewis

    She has great eyes and what's your problem?

  • pinky

    all palestin have weak eye palestin peeeple very bad see not what is tru

  • Carlos

    America, if we can't unite against Palestine, then at least unite for Bar.

  • Anonymous

    can not stop look at bad eye, no good pretty girl have the bad eye

  • bibi

    she's our prefect mossad undercover agent, i bet mel gibson would bang her before she informs him she's jewish and does him some damage

  • Noon

    Look at her eye. They have a sick eye look. Soon if no fix she be blind. Poor girl need vitamen or pill.

  • ...nick...

    No she not like 35years old mybey just 21 years old.

  • Pete

    She has bag under her eyes and is getting a little flabby under her arms and around arm pits. Bar looks like she is 35 years old, at least.

  • Leo

    Bar is really looking a little rough arond the edges. A few years of being ridden hard and put wet, ages a girl quickly. The basic shape is still there, but she is starting to get sags, leathery skin, fine wrinkles, and that well used look.

  • Miechel

    Great without smile.

  • Lewis

    She's pretty and she has great body

  • ...nick...

    So looks beautiful

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