Sofia Vergara's brother Julio deported

Sofia Vergara's brother Julio was deported to Colombia earlier this year after his 30th arrest over the past 10 years. C'mon, anyone with a mustache that cool deserves a 31st chance. Radar says:
[Julio] tried attending college in Michigan [1998], but “he wasn’t ready,” says Sofia, who admits that Julio began abusing alcohol, pot, cocaine and crack ...

Julio’s life continued to slide downhill in Miami. Local court information indicates that over the years, he’s been arrested for drinking in public, assault and battery, petty larceny and frequent pot possession — as well as felony arrests for grand theft and cocaine possession ...

Star has now learned exclusively that Julio was ultimately deported to Colombia on May 9 after “an immigration judge determined that he was no longer eligible to remain in the U.S.” because of his criminal convictions, an ICE official tells Star.
Really, 30 arrests is what it takes to get deported? That's ridiculous. I mean, what, was someone bribing customs not to deport this guy in the past? . . . wait a minute, I think I know what's going on here. There's 29 customs officers that have seen Sofia Vergara's tits.

*6 Julio Vergara pictures total in the gallery:

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