Snooki and Jionni LaValle in Honolulu in March

Note to Jionni LaValle: It's bad enough that you're dating Snooki, but dude, don't make it permanent (hint: women don't usually get skinnier and prettier as they get older). Nevertheless, the New York Post says:
Snooki's equally pint-sized boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, told us he's looking forward to a marriage with the "Jersey Shore" star. "She's a good girl," he told us at the YRB magazine cover party for the "Jersey Shore" girls at District 36, where the two celebrated their 10-month anniversary of dating.

When asked if marriage was in the future, he said, "Hopefully." If the two decide to have babies, LaValle said he wouldn't allow them on a reality TV show but added, "She probably would."
Of course Jionni is looking to get married to Snooki -- with all of the diseases he's probably contracted from her, he really doesn't have that many other options. And can you imagine what kind of kids these two overtanned midgets would produce? Forget Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Snooki's uterus would turn into the real Oompa Loompa breeding ground.

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  • Curious Green

    How Come we never get to see a nip slip or NSFW on Snooki?????

  • Ruth

    Snooki sure has good taste in men, and see seems to attract hunky good looling men.

  • Tina

    Think if all the cute babies they could have.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they have a bunch

  • Lucy

    Did she find that hunk on her Italy trip, or is he a Jersey guy? Does anyone know?

  • Alfredo

    That is one lucky dude to have the Snooki for a girl friend, She is a real hottie, and rumor has it that she is a real wildcat in bed.

  • Anonymous

    Cute couple.

  • 8 inches

    It doesn't look like that dude is heeding the advice espoused on his t-shirt.

  • Albert

    Any young man should be more than happy to wed Snooki, she is a hottie, has loads of money, is highly intellegent (published author), is a good conversationalist, has a great body, and would make a wonderful nother to five or six kids (and it would be fun impregnating her that many times). Go for it man, Snooki is the perfect woman.

  • Anonymous

    he's cute. good job snooki

  • Hawk

    Oh dear God please don't let them procreate.

  • WTF

    ALCOHOL- Helping fat disgusting pigs get laid since 1945.

  • Randy

    She has a boyfriend.....? Must be a moocher

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