Selena Gomez at Universal Studios in Florida (7/29)

+ Selena Gomez is also in a bikini [The Superficial]

+ Battle of the sexy Kristens/Kristins [Celebuzz]
+ I don't think Ashley Greene is wearing a bra [Drunken Stepfather]
+ Damn Candice Swanepoel has a sexy stomach [Popoholic]
+ Lauren Ridealgh posing in lingerie [Linkiest]

+ Elizabeth Hurley in some sexy tight pants [Caught on Set]
+ Lake Bell looking way hot in Maxim [Hollywood Tuna]
+ Ewwwwwwwwwww [Cele|bitchy]
+ What a drunk [moejackson]

+ Why so sexy, Olivia Wilde? [CityRag]
+ That one chick is in a bikini [Socialite Life]
+ Lady Gaga shows off her rack [Yeeeah!]
+ Vanessa Hudgens will cut a bitch [popbytes]

*11 Selena Gomez pictures total in the gallery:

  • Selena Gomez All Wet 1
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 2
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 3
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 4
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 5
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 6
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 7
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 8
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 9
  • Selena Gomez All Wet 10
[Pacific Coast News]
  • Anonymous

    I'd love to spray her face.

  • Anonymous

    If Selena is a satanist, Justin Bieber is the Devil.

  • Anonymous

    There is certainly something perverted about that woman. She very well could be a satanist.

  • FOJ

    A Fan of Justin, we all agree that she is evil and a witch. She has cast a spell over our Justin, has seduced him and is eating his soul. I believe she might be a brujas. She is certainly Mexican and she is bad to the bone.

  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez appears to be a satanist. Her sleeves are adorned with and INVERSED monstrance. The cross is pointing downwared, in an direct, obvious offense to Jesus.

  • Anonymous

    Perdon me and my inglish : I write from Mexico to warn America. We alway had here a kind of mountain brujas (witches) that used to present themself as entertainers in the villages, telling stories and tales and songs, and then abducting the childs at night. Maybe she is a modern one.

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