Sam Ronson busted for DUI

Lindsay Lohan's ex-lover Samantha Ronson (ironically waiting for a cab earlier this year in New York) was busted for DUI on her way home from Las Vegas yesterday at 10:30AM. Ouch - the ol' morning after DUI. From TMZ:
We're told she was given a field sobriety test and didn't perform well. She refused to submit to a breathalyzer and was arrested on the scene. She was transported to the Baker [CA] substation, where we're told she blew over the legal limit. According to sources, she was cooperative the entire time.

Sam DJ'd [Sunday] night at the Lavo nightclub in the Palazzo hotel in Vegas.
Apparently the CHP officer knew Sam was drunk when she started talking to him and he suddenly got a whiff of her breath: "Wait a minute . . . I smell something fishy."

*10 Samantha Ronson pictures total in the gallery:

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