Megan Fox on the set of This is Forty in L.A. (8/22)

It was revealed earlier this year (see here) that Megan Fox is getting that huge Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her forearm lasered off. And now Megan is telling Amica magazine that the reason she wants it gone is because Marilyn was a negative person. Wait, what? Hasn't she been dead for 50 years? Did she come back to life and get into an argument with Megan or something? I'm so confused. Via Us Weekly:
Gentlemen may prefer blondes -- but Megan Fox would now prefer to have her giant Marilyn Monroe tattoo erased from her right forearm. The 25-year-old star confirmed to Italian fashion magazine Amica that she is in the process of removing (via laser treatments) the talked-about portrait of the Hollywood legend from her famous body.

"I'm removing it," Fox says. "She was a negative person, she was disturbed, bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life." (Indeed, the notoriously troubled Monroe died in 1962 at age 36 of a drug overdose.)
This is just a prime example of why young people are stupid:

  1. Young person gets a huge tattoo on a highly visible part of their body to express their rebelliousness.
  2. Young person hits adulthood, instantly regrets tattoo.
  3. Adult wastes thousands of dollars lasering off tattoo that could have spent on something more productive like porn or monkey butler..
Hint kids: No one will hire you for a job if your arms look like a fucking freeway overpass covered in graffiti. Don't get tattoos on visible parts of your body. It's why the rose tattoo I got in college is on my ankle.

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • dudette

    totally agree with you guys. don't think she's dumb at all - she's just a bit offbeat and has a deadpan sense of humor. it says something about our society that we automatically assume a hot woman is "dumb", just because she doesn't act exactly how we expect or spout out the normal boring drivel.

  • hihat

    I don't believe that story about Spielberg being pissed off by the Bay/Hitler comparison. Bay himself sounds like a first-class chump. Mickey Rourke may look like a zombie after his plastic surgery, but the guy knows acting, and he was very impressed with Megan after they made that dreadful movie together. I'm guessing it's harder to act well wearing angel wings in a crappy movie than wearing a period ball gown in an Oscar-winning effort. In short, I don't think Fox has yet shown what she is really capable of (besides looking unbelievably hot).

  • Joseph Momma

    Megan Fox has an awesome intellect? She compared Michael Bay to Hitler, and thus pissed off Stephen Spielberg. I don't believe he's someone you would want upset if you were an actress. I've heard he has clout in Hollywood. She's hot as balls, but dumb as a fence post, and has the acting chops of January Jones. I'll buy her Playboy in 5-10 years.

  • Angus

    Hmm...the latest Georgio Armani ad I saw was of Megan Fox sitting down with some random guy's dick in her face.

    A cock in her face for her is preferable to bipolar people.

  • Elton John

    Goodbye, Norma Jean.

  • Hawk

    Then why did she get the damn thing in the first place?

    Careful associating people with bi-polar disorder with the words "disturbed" and "negative" Meg. I'm sure you'll be hearing from some thin skinned advocacy group any day now.

  • Lew

    Man she is Gorgeous!! Looks so much better now that she has some weight on her

  • Lance

    Megan has an awesome body, and an awesome intellect. Her philosophy is very suttle, but also sharp and to the point. Also, she is right about the badness of negative waves and vibrations. Megan is wise beyond her years, and is candy for the eyes.

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