Madonna wanted to jump Antonio Banderas' bones

Antonio Banderas tells the new edition of Harper's Bazaar that Madonna tried to hook up with him back in the day, but he was way too freaked out by her. MADONNA MAD! MADONNA SMASH! He said:
"I couldn't speak English at the time. She said a lot of things at the table when we were having dinner - I couldn't understand shit. I was just flipping out that I was sitting down close to Madonna. She was very famous already, and we were just local people. It was kind of flattering when somebody said, 'She likes you, a lot.' I said, 'Oh, really? I've no idea what I should do about this. I mean, I'm married (to first wife, Ana Leza).' So, nothing happened. I was afraid of it at the time, because she was a very powerful woman. I didn't want to be Madonna's boy. For good or for bad, I just wanted to have my own career."
The fact that he was married and didn't speak English isn't what kept Antonio from hooking up with Madonna. It was MADONNA -- she's never been attractive. No amount of money or fame could ever convince good-looking guys like Antonio or myself to hook up with a rich ugly woman like her. We leave that to the complete losers with no other options -- like Dean McDermott or Gayle King.

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