Kate Beckinsale on the set of Underworld: Awakening in Vancouver (3/15)

Before filming the upcoming Underworld: Awakening -- the fourth(!) film in the series -- Kate Beckinsale thought she was getting fat or something and wouldn't fit into the leather catsuit she wore for Underworld: Evolution in 2006. Nope. Turns out she's still crazy hot and skinny. Via Showbiz Spy:
Kate Beckinsale has confessed she was worried about donning her leather skin-tight catsuit to resurrect her vampish role in Underworld. Kate says she was stressing the costume would need some changes after a five year break from her character but her worries were unfounded.

“It is a bit like trying on your school uniform or your wedding dress again,” says Kate. “You think ‘Can I still fit in it?’ But it was great. It looks more uncomfortable than it was. By the end of the day it wasn’t quite so great but on the whole it was fine.”
Don't worry Kate, if you're afraid you'll no longer look as good in your skintight catsuit as you used to, you can just do what we'd all like you to have done in the first place -- not wear anything. The box office returns will be higher, and I won't feel so uncomfortable showing up at the theater with my trenchcoat and fleshlight when everyone else in my row has done the same thing.

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  • J

    she is to be sure very beautiful and very talented , but I want to see her in an ass kicking comedy with an excellent script that children can see , SO that means NO nudity

  • Anonymous

    Vampires are naturally sexy.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome lady

  • Al

    I love her, swear to God.

    This is a very low key actress who doesn't look for the spotlight like so many others.

    She doesn't purposely create photo ops working out in public and is usually seen with her daughter, mom, husband, dogs or best friend shopping.

    She's virtually been in hiding taking very small parts in small movies the past few years. Kate has 3 movies in the can that will be coming out on 2012 and two will be major blockbusters that will easily hit 100mil.

    I will account for a very large part of that revenue.

    I can't fucking wait.

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