Being Kanye West is fun

And I don't mean because he gets to wear a lot of gold chains like Mr. T -- though that is cool as hell . . . I'm talking about supermodel pussy of course. Lots of it. From the New York Post:
How does Kanye West have enough energy to promote his new album "Watch the Throne" and constantly chase supermodels? West was spotted having an "intimate dinner" with Australian supermodel Sian Honeybell at La Bottega in the Maritime Hotel the other night. Spies say West and Honeybell split a burrata caprese and an artichoke salad to start, and then she followed it with a pizza robiola while he ate rigatoni with peas and prosciutto. "They downed plenty of Pinot Grigio," a spy said. West seems to have a roster of models on his "to do" list and has recently been cozying up to Victoria's Secret models including Kate Upton, Candice Swanepoel and Selita Ebanks. On Monday night, he was chatting up gorgeous Romanian model Alina Puscau at his album after-party at The Darby.
This is why everyone wants to be a multimillionaire recording artist. Because even if you're a 5'2" egotistical douche that looks like a 34-year-old version of Urkel, you STILL have hot supermodels lining up to bang you. The real question here though is what is wrong with this Sian chick? If she wants to get screwed by a guy from Chicago with a God complex, she doesn't need to hook up with Kanye. She just needs to become an American citizen.

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