Julianne Hough got hacked

Former Dancing with the Stars' pro Julianne Hough was hacked. The infamous "Hollywood Leaks" group cracked her phone and leaked a bunch of personal pictures to the internets. There's nothing dirty, unfortunately (this pic is about as risqué as it gets). A lot of Julianne on vacation with boyfriend Ryan Seacrest. Dinner at gourmet restaurants. On a yacht. At the beach. Snowboarding. Basically, this hacking is a great way to feel really depressed about how ordinary your life is. FML.

*100 Julianne Hough hacked pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Julianne Hough Hacked 4
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  • Julianne Hough Hacked 17
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  • Julianne Hough Hacked 27
  • Julianne Hough Hacked 28
  • Julianne Hough Hacked 29
  • Julianne Hough Hacked 30
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  • Julianne Hough Hacked 32
  • Julianne Hough Hacked 33
  • Julianne Hough Hacked 34
  • Julianne Hough Hacked 35

  • Funny

    i think its hilarious that a lot of you THINK you know something about 2 people you have never met. get a life people!!!

  • Britney


    I believe you. You don't need to send any pictures lol. It's not like there aren't a ton floating around out there in general already as it is. I'm sure you followed them around plenty in Miami. But I'm sorry, I don't take your words as credibility on their relationship either. First of all I never accused infidelity on anyone's part, that was what some of the other commentators said. I'm just saying the relationship is fake. You followed them, you snapped pics of them, but it's not like you sat down and ate with them or anything. Following someone is NOT credibility to me at all. I live in LA and see plenty of paps on a regular basis. Most paps are stalkers with cameras, at least out here. Celebrities in general will put shows on FOR you guys. They're not stupid, give them a little credit. YOU, the paparazzi is part of what HELPS with this PR stuff LOL. Secondly, you're in Miami. You're not here in LA seeing what all goes on, or anywhere else either one of them may travel to. You are only seeing a slice of the cake and making assumptions off of them, I'm sure knowing you're there, looking happy for the camera. Do you honestly think they're going to put on miserable faces or start an argument publicly? I highly doubt that, so OF COURSE they will "seem truly happy together," - your words, and I'm sorry but SEEM is not a concrete thing. As for me, I work in the entertainment business, so that's as far as I'm going to say on what I do or who I know in regards to this situation, so no, I'm not judging anything I'm going based on knowledge.

  • Lee

    Julianne is very talented but she seems to have a penchant for getting PR people or associating with those who seem to have convinced her she has to constantly use her personal life to get attention. Why would people believe this is any different? Especially right before the press tour for her first leading role in a film. She said in an interview today that her phone was actually hacked months ago. What a coincidence that it gets released now. Timing is everything. ;)

  • Joy McBride

    All of you haters out there need to get a life. Julianne Hough is probably one of the sweetest people in Hollywood, just ask anyone that has worked with her. She is not fake, she would never be a beard for anyone, she does not need Ryan to help with her career. She is a wonderful girl with a good family and very good work ethics. She is not a fame whore like LILO and some of the other hollywood (stars). From what Anon wrote I can tell he is lying, he has never met Julianne, she would never call Ryan names, she has never said anything but wonderful things about Ryan. He would not be with her if she called him names and treated him horribly. He is so in love with her that he nearlly started crying while talking about her last sunday in an interview. So you people just need to move on to someone else to trash. Julianne is not someone that has ever done anything you can trash her for.

  • Estes Huevos

    YOU are a fucking moron, you must be Republican!

  • Britney


    I can't speak for the other people and their comments, but I can speak for myself and tell you I'm not a hater. I honestly just call it as I see it. NO ONE's life is THAT perfect. Come on, you need a reality check. And if anything people should feel sorry for you falling for anything that is put out there. If it were a legit situation I'd be MORE than happy for Julianne with her endeavors, but I won't do that under false pretenses. Maybe you're right. Maybe that anon guy hasn't met Julianne. But that doesn't mean he's wrong. Do YOU know Julianne? Can you vouch from actual experience? You did say after all Julianne is PROBABLY one of the sweetest people in Hollywood. Probably is not definite. It's an assumption. And if she's really wonderful as you say she is you wouldn't need to come on here and defend her. Julianne's sweet actions could prove all that wrong by herself, if that was actually who she is. As for Ryan crying on CBS Sunday Morning, once again, do you know Ryan personally? There may have been other reasons for him to get choked up during that interview. You don't know what goes on behind closed doors. As he even said himself, I'm sure the kids were a part of the reason for his tears. He's been doing the children's hospital work for a long time now. They also brought in up the interview the rumors about Ryan's sexuality. That also may have benefited to his emotions. Just because he says okay with people poking fun at him, doesn't mean he actually is. Bottom line is, you don't know what goes behind closed doors. Just because no one knows of anything Julianne's done doesn't mean it's not there. Maybe people shouldn't trash her. But that doesn't make them wrong. And maybe you shouldn't take everything at face value.

  • Meagan

    How do you know how perfect someones life is?? Listen to your own words - YOU do not know their life.

    There are actually people in this world who are HAPPY and manage to live rather blissfully together for 20,30,40,50,60 years.

  • Britney


    You're absolutely right people CAN be happy together for 20, 30, 40, etc. years. But being happy doesn't equal a perfect life. ANYONE celebrity or not can be very happy in relationships, with work, family, etc. But that doesn't mean people don't go through seasons of change, ups and downs. I don't care who you are, everyone faces seasons of trials and seasons and blessings. I think a lot of the general public forget that when they see perceptions of perfection put in front of them. It makes celebrities in general look like robots and not human beings who actually go through things. I'm just saying people shouldn't assume things and take things for face value. As for me, in my previous comments I didn't claim one way or another what or who I knew. So don't judge or assume on me either.

  • Britney

    If anyone's ever looked at her twitter, you'd know she has an iPhone. If someone were to "hack" her phone, they'd have to have physical access to it so it could be synched up to a computer to access the photos. Considering she's starting the promotional campaign for her new movie, "Footloose," these photos were obviously a planned leak from her people, not an accidental hacking. The pictures were probably strategically picked as well considering some of these look like they came from Ryan's twitter and others look like paprazzi shots from the past. Doesn't make their relationship sound very authentic. Most of the time when celebrities (is she even really that? She's really recognized for DWTS and now dating Ryan) leak stuff like this it's usually scandalous stuff. It's like she's trying to prove on purpose she's "Miss Perfect," If you have to push something that hard, there's clearly something to hide. I personally don't believe her "relationship" with Ryan is real one bit. She just looks like she's using him to up the next step in her career. I don't think Ryan is gay like a lot of other people, but I do think he needs to find a real girl in a land of Hollywood fakes. Julianne may play a good angelic act, but I can certainly see right through it. She is fake city USA. If she needs to whore out pictures of them as her PR tactic for her movie she clearly has no confidence in her own talent. It's sad actually.

  • Anonymous

    So her cellphone is full of pictures of......her? That's not narcissistic at all.

  • Hillary

    BTW, the puppy is wayy cuter than she is, Ryan looks more comfortable with the puppy dog.

  • Infornmant


  • Hillary F.

    Ewwwwwwwww do we need to see her boobs? she looks like a kid in some pictures. She is so not classy, big old skanky tramp. I never liked her on DWTS, she seems fake and bitchy!

  • Dan

    Uh isn't it wrong to take other peoples pics off there Facebook page? Some of those Seafoam photos are off his page, she is really desperate to make it look like they are together when he only wants men!

  • Trish

    If anyone has half a brain they would realize Julianne and Ryan are fake, it is business only. Come on she is what 20 and he is old and 36 it is gross her dating someone way older than her. Plus people know who she does behind closed doors and it aint Ryan. They are so awkward together, he looks bored with her and she looks to fake. She smiles big but it is a big old fake smile! Men should beware of her, Chuck Wicks learned the hard way.

  • Anon friend

    I met her through a mutual friend of mine and she makes me sick! If anyone thinks this relationship is real they are crazy! The relationship is sooooooo fake, she treats Ryan like trash, calls him horrible names and has her own gaggle of guys on the side. Only reason she is with Ryan is because of his $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and who he is to gain her fame. She is a huge attention whore!

  • Count Chocula

    Too bad her gay “boyfriend” didn't snap any pics of her in the shower or perhaps shaving her pussy.

  • James

    Not one nude pic? That sucks. Well, I guess Mormon girls don't take nude pics of themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Yaaaaynn A day in the life of the boring girl next door.

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