Chris Rock is a diva

I don't know how this is technically possible, but Chris Rock is somehow more difficult to work with than Jennifer Lopez. Yes, that Jennifer Lopez. The one whose shit doesn't stink. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Sources on the set of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” — currently filming down in Atlanta — claim they have been surprised that Chris Rock has “out-diva’ed” well-known diva Jennifer Lopez.

“He is way more demanding, has a far bigger entourage and is just more needy in every way than Jennifer,” said a movie insider.
You'd think someone who came from such humble beginnings as I'm Gonna Git You Sucka would be a little more down to Earth. Oh well, I guess this just means I won't be attending any of his stand up shows since I'd be the only white dude in the audience he's become a "diva." One thing is for sure though: Chris is definitely not "more needy in every way" than J.Lo. How can he be? She's the one who needs a new spouse. Hell, a baby born six months premature is less needy than that devil woman.

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