That jacket is just gay

Ashton Kutcher is bribing the cast and crew of Two and Half Men to like him. Earlier this month he treated everyone to a catered sushi lunch from Nobu. Wow, that's way better than what Charlie Sheen used to do to the crew: fuck their sisters. From In Touch Weekly:
Ashton started filming the new season of the hit show on August 5, and he won over the cast and crew, thanks to $12,000 worth of sushi! According to a show insider, Ashton, 33, went out of his way to bond with the cast and crew, treating everyone to a catered sushi buffet from Nobu during rehearsals. “Ashton is a nice guy to begin with, but he went out of his way to be extra nice,” the insider says. "He made an effort to get to know everyone, from his co-stars to the janitors.” The insider adds that Ashton was anxious at first, but “now everyone loves him.”
Obviously Ashton's just trying to make a good first impression on all of his co-workers. Newsflash Ashton: If you want the staff of Two and a Half Men to like you more than Charlie Sheen, all you have to do is make sure the show doesn't get shut down because of your nonsensical ravings and drug abuse. So basically, just try not to act like Rush Limbaugh.

*10 Ashton Kutcher pictures total in the gallery:

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