Angela Martini at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards at Alice Tully Hall in New York (6/6)

Remember those pics I posted a few months ago of Kanye West's ex/stalker Angela Martini not wearing underwear at the CFDA Awards? (NSFW pics in the gallery) We're now finding out that she wasn't even invited to the event, and she wasn't wearing underwear because she was hoping to run into Kanye. A woman's gotta be prepared. The New York Daily News says:
According to the anonymous tipster, the hottie is still infatuated with West. Martini allegedly even "visited a fortune teller to see if she will be with" West in the future." And when she didn't get the answer she wanted, the tipster wrote, "she had a fit and stormed out."

Another insider, who has provided us with accurate information about [Angela] Martini in the past, says the fortune teller incident is accurate and adds that Martini crashed the CFDA awards in June in hopes of encountering West. (The rapper presented an award to Celine designer Phoebe Philo.) Martini was unsuccessful in her quest. Yet another source who knows Martini tells us: "Angela is definitely still obsessed with Kanye," and upset that the hip-hop star is rumored to have "moved on."
Wow, what a surprise. An obsessed psycho stalker went to a fortune teller to get guidance on her future. Next we'll be "shocked" to hear that Angela's been making a voodoo doll out of Kanye's hair trimmings and toe jam. You see, this is why I almost never get involved with supermodels anymore. You pull down your pants to show them that there actually is such a thing as a 12" penis and they never leave you alone again.

*11 Angela Martini pictures total in the gallery:

  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 1
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 2
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 3
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 4
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 5
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 6
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 7
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 8
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 9
  • Angela Martini Kanye Stalker 10
  • Falcon

    Don't mess with that lady, it looks like she carries.

  • Anonymous

    What a hottie. Any man that isn't gay would get down on his hands and knees and beg that woman have her will with him.

  • Manly

    Nasty woman

  • Lavender

    Kayne is a prime stud muffin, and any woman in her right mind would want a hunk of his mighty man meat.

  • Robstrats

    In the first picture, what the hell is on her right hip?

  • Robstrats

    I've done some research. I think it truly is a small firearm (or a gun shaped cigarette lighter in a garter holster- or something like this). It's weird.

  • Anonymous

    Could it be a colostomy bag??

  • STD

    Silly boy, she is packing heat. That is a small concealed pistol printing through her dress.

  • Robstrats

    I'm not convinced that you're correct.

  • Hawk

    Yeah, what is that?

  • anonymous

    of course kanye doesn't want anything to do with her. kanye likes the cock.

  • Chris

    Never thougth I'd say this....but Kanye is clearly a better man than I. Chick shows up, vag out, saying lets go? All the signs that would scream crazy bitch would just go away.

    Proabably explains this sore....

  • Anonymous

    You know she must be nuts if even Kanye doesn't want anything to do with her.

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