Drew Peterson is no fan of Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe is so lucky that they don't have movie theaters in prison because he definitely would not be making $10 off of modern day Romeo/accused wife-killer Drew Peterson. From the National Enquirer:
Drew Peterson, who's suspected of murdering two wives, thinks it's a crime that Rob Lowe is going to play him in an upcoming movie. "Most men would be flattered to have handsome Lowe play them in a role, but Drew had a good laugh when he heard who got the part," said a source. "He thinks Lowe is totally wrong. He sees him as a sissy pretty boy. Drew wants someone a lot more rugged to play him."

Although Lowe, 47, now starring in the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation," got a thumbs down from Peterson, the accused killer said that Denzel Washington would be a good choice to portray him in the movie.
Drew Peterson doesn't think Rob Lowe should portray him? He's right. A more suitable actor would have been Rosie O'Donnell or the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz (see here). And what makes Drew think that Denzel Washington would be a good fit to play him? To depict Drew, you'd have to be a self-absorbed narcissist with no concern for any other human being but yourself . . . speaking of Tyra Banks, anyone know if she wants to be in a movie?

*7 Rob Lowe pictures total in the gallery:

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