Awk. Ward.

Kristin Cavallari may not be having a wedding but she'll always have the wedding dress pictures. Awk. Ward. From Life & Style:
Just two days before Kristin Cavallari’s fiancĂ©, Jay Cutler, broke off their engagement, she was glowing with excitement while trying on a series of wedding dresses at her exclusive Life & Style photo shoot. The reality star looked dazzling in gowns by Anne Bowen and Mon Cheri Bridals as she gushed about her plans for a traditional wedding and her vision of walking down the aisle in a strapless gown. “I want a romantic, mystical wedding, with lots of flowers,” she shared with Life & Style during the shoot at LA’s Mondrian Hotel on July 21

Now, an insider close to Kristin reveals that the real trouble began the very next day—on July 22—when Jay asked her to fly back to Chicago with him the following morning.

“Kristin said she didn’t want to because she’s working on a new TV project and had a full day of shooting scheduled for Tuesday [July 26],” the insider explains. But Jay was angry about it and the argument escalated. “He told her that she needed to commit to him, and to move to Chicago,” the insider continues.  When it became clear that Kristin had no intention of giving up her career in entertainment, Jay broke up with her — returning to Chicago alone on July 23.
Shouldn't you know whether or not your soon-to-be spouse will be willing to give up their career BEFORE you ask them to marry you? That seems like a pretty important initial conversation to have. If Jay just wanted a trophy wife that was blonde and completely worthless, he should have ignored Kristen in the first place and just proposed to Camille Grammer.

*5 Kristin Cavallari pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Kristin Cavallari Wedding Dress 5
  • cindy

    Anonymous and A True Believer ....... From a woman: F@#k OFF

  • you're beat

    Wow, you people are crazy... well those who talk about prophets and such. Jamaica me smile!! haha

  • hobbes

    Anonymous is CLEARLY trolling....i hope.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, man of too many doubts, how dare you hope of me "trolling", when all your hopes should be placed in the Prophet words ?

  • A True Believer

    So it is written, So it is spoken, and so it shall be.

  • Falcon

    Not to mention the free games, and when they divorced, big cut from his salary and retirement. She is looking at lots and lots of $$$$$$ just flying out the door. Remind me what it is that this girl does for a living?? Does she have a lifelong career?

  • Hawk

    Kristen is really heartbroken about all the $$$ she's going to lose through endorsements and pics from the wedding.

  • Jeri

    My God! Anonymous and True Believer need to go back a few centuries and leave this world.

    What the hell are they doing on the internet if they think so lowly of women and their rights.

    They can stay home and wash their mens' feet, I'm gonna go out and play.

  • Anonymous

    I give you an answer :

    We try to save souls from depravation here, educating our fellow pals, as ordered by the Prophet.

    Internet, is a strategic place for education, freedom, exchanges, you see, because is a place where men can talk to other men without the inane blabbling of women to disrupt the eternal flow of masculine intelligence - you may know that all the recognised sources aknowledge that there are no women on the Internet.

    In random occurences, it may happen, though, that women may end on the internet, while lost on their way to the kitchen where they belong. Yet, the Prophet explained clearly that the Internet, like the many caravan roads of the desert, is a very dangerous place for women, as they could fall into the temptation of depravation, provocate other men with their natural tendency to lust, and little sense of responsibility, and this is not good.

    For their own good, it is safe that they stay at home, without an internet connection. Worshiping the shape of my sandal printed on the wall is a far sufficient occupation for my wives in my absence.

  • Anonymous

    "When it became clear that Kristin had no intention of giving up her career in entertainment, Jay broke up with her"

    Jay is a wise man and a true believer, as his wife wouldn't have been able to stay at home and having a career in enterainment. No honest and caring married man can stand the idea his wife going out alone and risking the exposure to the lubric eyes other men, many of whom infidels.

    Plus, in biggot countries such as america, the christian dominated entertainment world would have crushed her career because of her working with a burqah, as all they want is the damnation of women.

    Or there was another solution. Maybe this Jay fine man could have learned from this distinguished cleric a way of enlightening his rebellious wife

  • A True Believer

    The Mullah has expressed the almost exact same thoughts. A married woman should remain secluded at home, away from the lustful eyes of infidels and non-believers.

  • Peter

    Trust me, Jay made the right decision dumping this ultra high maintenance whiner.

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