Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split up

In a joint statement today, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced that they're splitting up. The couple have been married seven years and have two children, twins Max and Emme. They said:
"We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to amicable conclusion on all matters. It is a painful time for all involved, and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time."
Yikes, seven years of marriage to J.Lo. Give this man a medal. I was already sick of her by the seventh image in this gallery.

*11 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony pictures total in the gallery:

  • Jennifer Lopez Split 1
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 2
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 3
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 4
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 5
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 6
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 7
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 8
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 9
  • Jennifer Lopez Split 10
  • Ruth

    OMG JLo has a new close friend, Matthew Levy, and he recently dumpted his wife and three children. This makes two marriages down the tubes. Whatever happened to being faithful in marriage? Is this muscial husbamds for JLo?

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone can agree that this news is more shocking than recent economic news, and news of the JLo-MA breakup effects us all more than the news out of our nations capital.

  • ArmChairSpecialist

    I'm willing to bet the house, that Marc Anthony wasn't willing to adopt his wife religion which just happens to be Scientology.

    TMZ needs to check, whether the breakup of the marriage was because of Scientology.

  • Anonymous

    I can imagine the disappointment and heartache/heartbreak when JLo learned that MA, was city clear through, and nothing but a drugstore cowboy. You can take the girl out of the hills and the country, but you can't take the hills and country out of a coal miners daughter. JLo is true to her country upbringing.

  • crying fans

    I'm crying..deeply..

  • Sue

    JLo is a country girl through and through. When she learned that MA was not a real bull riding buckaroo, that he was nothing but a coco cola cowboy, that little country mama dumped him.

  • Sad

    This is the worst kind of news. I am going to be in a purple funk for days. If JLo and MA can't make it together, no one can.

  • sdas

    Puff Daddy has been waiting for this day for seven years now.

  • That's Amore!

    I heard it was because JLo's ass is so big even MA's 10 inch dick couldn't find her asshole.

  • ben

    I don't know what you heard but you are not a serious person who should cry when hearing such a tragedy.It's not nice.

  • Festus

    I am shocked, do you hear shocked, and transmorgified to hear this terrible news. The news of their unhappy marriage and divorce is like learning Obama might be wrong on the economy, or Lady GaGa cannot sing, that the Britster cannot do the happy dance. Is the world coming to an end?

  • yeah

    terrible news,lol.why can't I be serious at least once in my life?

  • jerry

    that should have read,,,,,",FOOT"

  • jerry

    Is she stepping on his foor to keep him line?????

  • hmmm

    Oh,yes,you are right about her foor.She is obviously stepping on his.

  • anonymous

    yeah no surprise here. they haven't been photographed together in forever.

    her new music is back to being produced by r&b and rap artists instead of latino.

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