Heidi Klum is topless

BREAKING: Heidi Klum enjoys tanning her body, doesn't like tan lines. More on this very important story via Popeater:
"I love tanning my body and I don't love tan lines necessarily. I don't think too much about what other people think or if they think this woman is too old to wear just a bikini or a bikini bottom. I come from Europe so I'm not American," Klum told us at Wednesday night's event for her cover of the biggest issue of Hamptons magazine ever at STK in NYC. "It is very different here than it is German or Italy. I grew up with men wearing Speedos on the beach and topless women on the beach at any age."
It's unfortunate that more American women don't have a mentality like Heidi's. I'd love to see more topless chicks at the beach . . . especially if they have big boobs. Who invited those chicks with small boobs anyways? Shoo! Get, get out of her you! *chases them away with broom*

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  • Heidi Klum Tanning 15

  • johnny

    Totally agreed. Better real and small, than those ugly silicones..

  • Anonymous3

    Rather have small naturals than big unnaturals. Too many implants look disgusting as they are cheaply done or too big for the frame they are in.

  • Anonymous2

    I think she had them removed. Srsly, those are *not* big.

  • Anonymous

    They are so small they are not even worth mentioning. If anyone needs implants, it is Heidi.

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